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Workpiece holder sets for dies and taps

AKON lathe tool holder set Make your work much easier when cutting threads. With AKON holder sets you can cut male and female threads on conventional lathes in different sizes quickly and easily. Precision, high accuracy, and enormous time saving are among the advantages of our long proven products.

Slide hammer set

Holder sets for CNC machines: With our basic holder with a cylindrical shank we take up the interest, to use AKON holder set size 2 for cutting external threads on CNC machines as well.

Holder sets for drills

Holder sets for drill presses: With the special basic holder with Morse taper shank, the prerequisites are in place, rationalize work processes, as it enables external threads to be cut on drill presses. To do this, insert the basic holder with Morse taper shank into the drilling spindle, insert the blue spindle, push back the blue aluminum sleeve and insert the attachment for the die. The aluminum sleeve is pressed forward by a spring to the front, which clamps the attachment.

Slide hammer set

AKON die holders for hand or cordless drills : These holders enable cutting and recutting of male thread using hand or cordless drills. The holder can be directly attached to the drill and is therefore immediately ready for use. The blue guide attachment facilitates cutting perfectly straight new threads.

Short workpiece holders with 1/2 inch

AKON short 1/2" square drive die holders : Our AKON short holders for dies DIN 223 / EN 22568 were developed specially for recutting damaged male threads in all types of vehicles, on construction sites, for use by plumbers, heating installers, etc. The ½ inch drive is designed for all common socket wrench sets.

Self-opening die heads

RUBOMETRIC Type D self-opening die heads : RUBOMETRIC Type D self-opening die heads are suitable for economical cutting of all common forms of threads in every length no matter right or left-hand; the latter requires using left-hand chasers. The die heads can be used on turning machines, turret lathes,single and multi-spindle automatic lathes, threading machines, drilling machines, or on other machines suitable for cutting threads.

Slide hammer set

AKON slide hammer set : AKON slide hammer sets for easy removal of cylindrical and conical pins, wedge bars, pulleys and more.The bits are in the most common sizes and therefore suitable for a wide range of applications. The extension bar allows the slide hammer bar to extend up to 356 mm, allowing for maximum power transmission. Even pins in hard to reach or deep locations are easy to reach thanks to the possible total length of 356 mm.

Workpiece holders for taps

AKON tap holders : AKON tap holders center the tap exactly in the provided drill-hole, which results in a perfectly straight thread. No stripping of thread and no distortions occur. Cut your threads in an uncomplicated way, fast and with high quality.

Workpiece holders for male

AKON die holders : AKON die holders enable problem-free and exact threading on a lathe. Place the die in the holder and get started.


AKON lathe mandrels with adjustable torque coupling (clutch grip) : The lathe mandrels with adjustable torque coupling (clutch grip) are especially ideal for cutting thread on drill-holes with a limited depth. The required torque for the thread to be cut can be regulated easily using the adjusting sleeve. As soon as the tap reaches the final depth the torque coupling loosens and therefore it is not possible for the tap to break off.


AKON lathe mandrels for die and tap holders Fit the shank Morse taper into the tailstock. The die or tap holder can then be easily and precisely positioned on the cylindrical shank.

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