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Tools and accessories for thread cutting AKON Werkzeuge GmbH

As a pioneer manufacturer of holders for dies and taps, we offer a wide range of high quality products.

Our products include:

  • AKON die and tap holders for precise thread cutting on a lathe
  • AKON lathe mandrels with adjustable tourque coupling (clutch grip)
  • AKON die holders for hand or cordless drills
  • AKON short 1/2" square drive die holders for cutting/ recutting threads using a ratchet
  • AKON die holders for drill presses and CNC machines.
  • AKON slide hammer sets for easy removal of cylindrical and conical pins, wedge bars, pulleys, etc
  • RUBOMETRIC type D self-opening die heads and chasers

The advantages of our products are a time and cost saving production.

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