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Centering and drilling device for lathe machines

AdvantagesZentrier und Bohrapparat

• The adjustable depth stop (essential for turning and grinding)ensures that all centred and other drilling to the front sides of shafts is performed to the desired uniform depth
• Time saving due to quick and easy operation
• Cost saving due to reduced breakage of centre and spiral drills as a result of precise operation
• The device has a long service life as all sliding parts are hardened and ground


Technical data

• Available with MK2 or MK3
• Continuously variable clamping range with collet chuck diameters ranging from 2 to 10 mm
• Maximum motion range of 30mm


Zentrier und Bohrapparat Bild1

with drill chuck

Zentrier und Bohrapparat Bild2


with centre drill


Optionally available with collet chucks or drill chuck (see images), subject to additional charges


Zentrier und Bohrapparat Koffer